September 2012

Psychology Today Magazine September 2012

Keen Cuisine: The Trouble With Fructose

Sugar used in manufactured foods may be bad for the brain.

Sex: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Discussing the nitty-gritty details of sex

Unconventional Wisdom: Getting Your Sex-life Back

A woman awaits passion replay, a guy is bored in bed.

Two-Minute Memoir: The Queen of Slipper City

My grandma's romanticism was rose-colored to be sure, but aware of its own rouge.

What It's Like To Have a Religious Awakening

Pnina Aaronson's spiritual journey

Eccentric's Corner: Kitchen Conjurer

Meet a modern kitchen scientist

Bookshelf: Sleep on It

The science of slumber, the art of decision-making, and the power of home

Field Test: What Goes Up

Can teachers intercept children's naive intuitions before they take permanent root?

Diagnosis: Uneasy Reader

A new way to detect and possibly prevent dyslexia.

Quiz: You're the Flip-Flopper

Studies show that everyone's a little flexible with the facts.

Money: The Wages of Personality

How your character interacts with your paycheck

News: Like Mother, Like Wife?

You choose a mate for many reasons—similarity to your parents is not among them.

Final Analysis: Great Moments In Psychological Warfare

The interpersonal conflicts that propelled history forward

Earnings and Yearnings: The Real Reasons Women Work

Supporting the family is not their sole motivation.

Nature's Bounty: The Flavor of Pleasure

Human smell is more highly evolved than we thought

Mind Your Body: The Perks of Feeling So-So

Embracing emotional ambiguity does more for you than thinking positively all the time.

Blogs: Our Minds: The Final Frontier

The mental health field is a tangle of theories and approaches. What will win out?

Predictions: Everyday Fortune-Tellers

Turns out we can get better at predicting our future.

Teens: The Joyride Cure

Teenage foolhardiness may be dangerous, but it's also socially vital—and malleable.

News: When Quitters Win

Sometimes sticking with something is a recipe for failure.

News: In Sync

Shared physical activity binds us together—for better or for worse.

News: Two Is the Girliest Number

We give everything a gender—even when doing so doesn't make much sense.


Think independent voters are honorable upholders of democracy? not so fast.

Lessons for Your Loved Ones

Preparing those left behind.