September 2012

Psychology Today Magazine September 2012

Keen Cuisine: The Trouble With Fructose

By Hara Estroff Marano
Sugar used in manufactured foods may be bad for the brain.

Sex: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

By Katherine Schreiber
Discussing the nitty-gritty details of sex

Unconventional Wisdom: Getting Your Sex-life Back

By Hara Estroff Marano
A woman awaits passion replay, a guy is bored in bed.

Two-Minute Memoir: The Queen of Slipper City

By Dana Adam Shapiro
My grandma's romanticism was rose-colored to be sure, but aware of its own rouge.

What It's Like To Have a Religious Awakening

By Jana Banin
Pnina Aaronson's spiritual journey

Eccentric's Corner: Kitchen Conjurer

By Hara Estroff Marano
Meet a modern kitchen scientist

Bookshelf: Sleep on It

By Lauren F. Friedman, Jonah Comstock, Colin Weatherby, Matt Huston
The science of slumber, the art of decision-making, and the power of home

Field Test: What Goes Up

By Colin Weatherby
Can teachers intercept children's naive intuitions before they take permanent root?

Diagnosis: Uneasy Reader

By Carrie Arnold
A new way to detect and possibly prevent dyslexia.

Quiz: You're the Flip-Flopper

By Jonah Comstock
Studies show that everyone's a little flexible with the facts.

Money: The Wages of Personality

By Katherine Schreiber, Matt Huston
How your character interacts with your paycheck

News: Like Mother, Like Wife?

By Amy Kraft
You choose a mate for many reasons—similarity to your parents is not among them.

Final Analysis: Great Moments In Psychological Warfare

By Brian Frazer
The interpersonal conflicts that propelled history forward

Earnings and Yearnings: The Real Reasons Women Work

By Sarah Damaske Ph.D.
Supporting the family is not their sole motivation.

Nature's Bounty: The Flavor of Pleasure

By Daniel A. Marano
Human smell is more highly evolved than we thought

Mind Your Body: The Perks of Feeling So-So

By Lauren F. Friedman
Embracing emotional ambiguity does more for you than thinking positively all the time.

Blogs: Our Minds: The Final Frontier

By PT Staff
The mental health field is a tangle of theories and approaches. What will win out?

Predictions: Everyday Fortune-Tellers

By Colin Weatherby
Turns out we can get better at predicting our future.

Teens: The Joyride Cure

By Matt Huston

Teenage foolhardiness may be dangerous, but it's also socially vital—and malleable.

News: When Quitters Win

By Nick Tasler
Sometimes sticking with something is a recipe for failure.

News: In Sync

By Matt Huston
Shared physical activity binds us together—for better or for worse.

News: Two Is the Girliest Number

By Jonah Comstock
We give everything a gender—even when doing so doesn't make much sense.


By Lauren F. Friedman
Think independent voters are honorable upholders of democracy? not so fast.

Lessons for Your Loved Ones

By Jane Nussbaum
Preparing those left behind.