July 2012

Psychology Today Magazine July 2012

Keen Cuisine: Champions of Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is bad for overall health.

Q&A: Right-Hand Man

Daniel Casasanto on the flexibility of the human mind

Final Analysis: Notes on My Dream Home

I’m excited to discuss the final blueprints of my future house.

Eccentric's Corner: Defying the Laws

Magician Alex Stone reveals his tricks of the trade.

Earnings And Yearnings: Friends with Benefits

When a close confidant becomes your colleague.

Bookshelf: The End of the Road

To grasp optimism, risk, and innovation, we must first understand death.

Unconventional Wisdom: Marital Problems

A husband ruminates over his wife's sexual past.

A Loss Like No Other

From the book, Beginning with the End: A Memoir of Twin Loss and Healing.

Sex: Flex Appeal

What turns a woman on? Much more than you—or she—might think.

Outside In: Dress to Impress Yourself

Want to run the world? Start by tucking in your shirt.

Pick One Already!

Make decisions with more confidence—and speed.

Nature's Bounty: Food Without Fear

Pesticide traces render many foods unwise to eat.

Mind Your Body: Kill the Messenger

To stop pain, kill the messenger.

Field Test: Young at Heart

The secret to aging well may be pretending that you’re not aging at all.

Families: Advance Warning

When even seemingly satisfying marriages come undone

Diagnosis: PANS

Unraveling the mystery of sudden-onset OCD.

Blogs: Accidental Happiness

When setbacks and tough choices are turning points.

Blogger Spotlight: The Cooties They Carry

Fine-tuned disgust can protect you in the long run.