March 2012

Psychology Today Magazine March 2012

Earnings and Yearnings: Get Out of the Groove

By Carlin Flora
How to break bad work habits

Keen Cuisine: A Stroke of Luck

By Hara Estroff Marano
Dietary variety keeps the brain's blood vessels healthy.

Nature's Bounty: Cheese Whiz

By Hara Estroff Marano
Why you should know your cheeses.

Two-Minute Memoir: Creature of the Night

By Kathleen Frazier
How I put my dangerous side to sleep.

Eccentric’s Corner: Reality Tester

By Katherine Schreiber
Chuck Klosterman doesn't stop questioning reality.

Bookshelf: Monkeys with iPhones

By Alison DeNisco, Becca Weinstein, Mary Diduch
Language makes us human. Technology makes us crazy.

PT Puzzle: Shape Shifters

By Katherine Schreiber
Impossible problem? Depends how you look at it

Emotion: What Does Disgust Sound Like?

By Becca Weinstein
Music can express six distinct emotions.

News: Depression, Faith and Crime

By Tarah Knaresboro, Becca Weinstein, Mary Diduch
The latest research on depression, faith and crime.

Blogger Spotlight: The Allure of Disaster

By Eric G. Wilson Ph.D.
Why we are drawn to disaster.

Recipe: A Little Lamb

By Hara Estroff Marano
When the grass is greener, the meat is leaner.

Outside In: Dirty Minds

By Laura Wright Treadway
Pollution hurts memory and learning.

Mind Your Body: Body Blindness

By Katherine Schreiber
Get past a distorted self-image.

Sex: Faking It

By Sarah Korones
Why woman fake orgasms.

Unconventional Wisdom: Full Sexual Disclosure and More

By Hara Estroff Marano
Advice on relationships, sex and more.

Field Guide to the Goody Two-Shoes

By Jill Coody Smits
Why tattletales are so annoying.

Blogs: Life Lessons

By PT Staff
Expert Words of wisdom for Ages 5 and older.

Beauty Treatment: I Feel Pretty?

By Lauren F. Friedman
Your face is fine. Don't let your mind get in the way.

Diagnosis: Telltale Forgetting

By Mary Diduch
Faulty memory is a hallmark of schizophrenia.

Carnal Clues: Seeing Green

By Katherine Schreiber
Your body in jealousy mode

Memory: Wiping the Slate

By Ian Chant
Is playing with memory humane—or is it just wrong?

Stop Spreading the News

By Lauren F. Friedman
Don't talk a good thing into the ground.