November 2011

Psychology Today Magazine November 2011

Senses: Watch and Burn

Why 3-D flicks might not be the best pick

PT Puzzle: Mental Blocks

Challenge your spatial thinking abilities with this brainteaser

News: The Brain, Racism and Religion

Stem cell news; a surprising root of racism; and a link between education and religion

Advice: My Distant Boyfriend

How to revive a long-distance relationship.

Two-Minute Memoir: The Reluctant Recluse

Cultivating inner strength amid a barren landscape.

Sex: Buddies in the Bedroom

Mutual friends can put a strain on sex.

Romance: One to Tango

Some goals are best attempted solo.

Romance: The New Lexicon of Love

The latest romance trends are all about commitment, without the picket fence.

Recipe: New Spin on Spuds

Start thinking of the potato as a health food.

Survival, Summed Up

Methuselah mathematics pinpoint life's extenders.

Nature's Bounty: A Boom in 'Shrooms

Mushrooms are moving to the center of the plate.

Mind Your Body: Weighty Personalities

How character shapes your BMI

Keen Cuisine: The Whey to Go

The liquid residue of curdled milk may be the big dietary cheese in curbing obesity.

Final Analysis: Holiday Soundtrack

A twist on familiar seasonal tunes.

Field Guide To The Overachiever

Inside the do-or-die mind of an overachiever

Eccentric's Corner: Horror Meister

David Cronenberg knows the dirty little—and big—secrets of your mind.

Earnings and Yearnings: Infomaniac

How to transform yourself into a node of knowledge

Diagnosis: Bend Away The Pain

A mind-body approach to beating fibromyalgia

Bookshelf: Silly Humans

New books unpack our faulty thinking.

Blogs: The Great Stall

Expert ways to get your rear in gear

Blogger Spotlight: Reality Lite

Is life better with blinders?

Advice: One Night, Three Dilemmas

Cheating with the same sex is still cheating.