September 2011

Psychology Today Magazine September 2011

Romance: The Love Code

Three little words reveal more than you think.

The Glee Market

Optimism can stimulate a bleak economy.

News: Politics, Autism and Culture

The latest from political party picks to social pressure.

Mind Your Body: Dancing with The Avatars

How digital doubles inspire would-be gymgoers.

Memory: From Sandbox to Soapbox

Your inner kid can kill public speaking jitters.

Eccentric's Corner: Sincere Scribbler

Leah Dieterich just might be pathologically polite.

Earnings and Yearnings: Gender Contender

The ups and downs of flouting gender norms at work

Bookshelf: Required Reading

Book reviews on evolution, genius, and human behavior.

Blogger Spotlight: Step Away From the Slur

Healing from prejudice is difficult.

Beauty Treatment: The Look of Love

Which expressions do the sexes find sexy?

Advice: A 46-Year-Old Bachelor

When it's time to talk things out in a relationship

Addiction: The Long Slide

"I did all the things I wasn't supposed to do."

Extreme Modesty: The Case of the Disappearing Self

There is a point at which ingratiation is corrosive, and women too often find it.

Procrastination: Oops, Where Did the Day Go?

We fool ourselves in the minute-by-minute choices we make.

Dodging Emotions: The Help That Harms

We often get into trouble trying to escape intense negative feelings.

Sex: Sexual Distraction

The thoughts we have during sex

Senses: Sensitive Soul

How your nerves shape your character

Recipe: Getting Ahead

Cabbage has some classy new clout.

Nature's Bounty: Remedial Eating

Schools are finally getting smart about cafeteria food.

Keen Cuisine: The Real Tea Party

Green tea is something to celebrate.

Field Guide to the Maximizer

Maximizers want only the best

Diagnosis: A Delicate Balance

Bipolar patients' beliefs help keep their mood swings in check.

Blogs: Power Tips

Expert advice for top bananas

Advice: When Warning Signs Fail

Advice on recovering from a volatile relationship.

Advice: He Keeps Helping His Ex

The delicate subject of the ex