July 2011

Psychology Today Magazine July 2011

Keen Cuisine: The Fat Chronicles

By Sarah Henrich
Some foods fight fat

Blogs: Bond Boosters

By PT Staff
Love tips.

Beauty Treatment: Pretty Powerful

By Sarah Henrich, Nancy Ryerson
Beauty can change your behavior.

The I's Have It

By Andrea Bartz
The perils of personal pronouns

Sex: Intelligent Intercourse

By Lauren F. Friedman
Why smarties have less sex

Senses: Plugging In

By Andrea Bartz
How computer-to-computer trumps face-to-face

Romance: Communication Combat

By Karina Grudnikov, Andrea Bartz
Romance can skew a memory

Recipe: Basil

By Hara Estroff Marano
The most-used herb in the world can stand on its own stem.

PT Puzzle: Songs and Reverse

By Andrea Bartz
A riddle for your inner echo chamber

Outside In: Virtuous Reality

By Nancy Ryerson
Manipulated senses can influence morality

Insights: News

By Nancy Ryerson, Karina Grudnikov, Sarah Henrich
Decisions, sexual harassment and Alzheimer's.

A Shot to End Addiction

By Tarah Knaresboro
A vaccine for Meth

Nature's Bounty: Yum's the Word

By Michele Lent Hirsch

Flavor abounds in this savory food

Mind Your Body: Circumstantial Evidence

By Karina Grudnikov
How your mood influences your corporeal sensations

Final Analysis: Courtesy of Groupon

By Brian Frazer
Groupon might not be a good deal.

Field Guide to the Social Climber

By Jill Coody Smits
Why social climbers enjoy crushing toes.

Eccentric's Corner: Immaterial Guy

By Ross Simonini
Tino Sehgal wants to sell you... something, sort of.

Earnings and Yearnings: Mentor Makeover

By Michele Lent Hirsch
Dos and don'ts for cultivating the perfect mix of gurus

Diagnosis: Play Games, Treat Anorexia

By Carrie Arnold
Mind tricks for eating disorders

Bookshelf: Between the Lines

By Sarah Henrich, Andrea Bartz, Karina Grudnikov, Nancy Ryerson
Book reviews on memes and more.

Neuronarrative: Quack Attack

By David DiSalvo
How to avoid rip-offs and scams.

Advice: An Extra Parent

By Hara Estroff Marano
Believe it's over.

Advice: Sibling Sensitivities

By Hara Estroff Marano
How to handle a sensitive sibling.

Two-Minute Memoir: Minefield Loving

By Sandra Beasley
Dangerous allergies threaten young love.