May 2011

Psychology Today Magazine May 2011

Senses: Technicolor Type

Shades of synesthesia are built into our brains.

Recipe: Currying Flavor

Spices in curry protect brain cells against many kinds of damage.

Field Guide To The Critic

The mind of a chronic critic

Romance: Love Boomerangs

The flipside of your best intentions

PT Puzzle: Square One

A visual brain-teaser with all the right angles

The Grim Reader

New books shine light on the dark side of human nature.

Outside In: The Autism Question

Autism diagnosis rates are soaring, but what does that actually mean?

Optimism, Optimized

The tactical game of getting ahead

Insights: News

Pills for PTSD, pain and why the stock market makes us fat.

Read My Blood

New blood tests for psychological illnesses are changing the way we think about mental health.

Nature's Bounty: The Fab Fourteen

When it comes to knowing what to eat, lists can be helpful.

Mind Your Body: Feeling Great at 108

When it comes to living longer, your perception of your health may trump the digits on that blood pressure cuff.

Memory: Willpower Workout

Memory games might help addicts drop the habit.

Keen Cuisine: Juiced!

Orange juice made from concentrate packs bonus appeal.

Final Analysis: Memoir Madness

The malady memoir is flourishing. It's getting hard to find an unoccupied niche.

Ego in Full Bloom

How we evaluate ourselves over the lifespan.

Eccentric’s Corner: The Terminator

Simon Critchley insists you’ll live better if you start learning how to die.

Earnings and Yearnings: Identity Cleft

Should you be yourself at work?

PT Blogs: Wee Wisdom

The benefits of staying young at heart

Maybe It's Just Me, But...: How to Be Modest

Walking the line between bashful and bombastic.

Beauty Treatment: Mood Makeup

Can cosmetics influence the brain?

Advice: An Excess of Faults

Say goodbye to Mr. Insult.

Advice: A Clean Start

How to clean up a new relationship.

Two-Minute Memoir: My Muse (With Benefits)

Sometimes right and wrong can get all mixed up when the pleasure principle comes into play.