July 2010

Psychology Today Magazine July 2010

Therapy Watch: Wanted: Skilled Shrink

When competence really matters

Mind Your Body: Dance Yourself Happy

Lift your spirit with dance.

Case Study: Waiting To Inhale

Separating asthma from identity

Sleep: Facing Up To Fatigue

Sleep deprivation makes it hard to recognize emotions.

Language: Profane Brain

The world of taboo words

Recipe: Beyond the Salt Mines

10 healthy ways to put flavor in food.

Cognition: Not-So-Simple Pleasures

The hidden side of sensations

Outside In: The Color of Introversion

How personality affects your taste in home decor

Insights: News

The latest on being green, staying happy, getting a job, stalkers and more.

Keen Cuisine: New Barbs for Carbs

Refined carbohydrates may elevate heart risk.

How To: Think Like a Kid

Child's play can inspire you.

Headcase: Tune In, Tune Out

How does Joel Osteen hypnotize?

Field Guide to the Snoop: Peek Hours

What makes a neighbor nosy?

Q & A: Maverick Messenger

Seth Godin wants you to have a lot of bad ideas and to throw away your resume.

PT Bookshelf: The Skim

What we're looking at this summer

Social Life: Mind Meld

Amazing to meet you

What Would Freud Watch?

Psychology goes prime time.

Ulterior Motives: Just Don't Do It

Is it better to get up and act or do nothing?

Diagnosis: Shingles - Eye of the Storm

Ocular shingles may increase risk of stroke.

Beauty Treatment: Friendly Faces

Bond with me, beautiful.

Advice: Call Waiting, and Waiting

He doesn't return my calls for hours.

Advice: My Sister's Keeper

How to deal with a "special" nephew.

Advice: A Father's Transgression

Is my father having an affair?