March 2010

Psychology Today Magazine March 2010

Field Guide to the Truth Teller: I Cannot Tell a Lie

By Elizabeth Svoboda
When honesty is the only policy

Name Callings

By Carlin Flora
Could your name pull you toward a particular profession?

Advice: Fantasies of Revenge

By Hara Estroff Marano
How to heal family wounds.

Advice: My Mother, the Druggie

By Hara Estroff Marano
How to forgive an addict.

Advice: Marie Antoinette Meets Texting

By Hara Estroff Marano
What to do when he's not listening.

PT Blogs: Pop Goes Psychology II

By PT Staff
PT debunks more conventional wisdom.

The PT Bookshelf: From Self Control to Marriage

By Laura Janecka, Arikia Millikan, Avigail Gordon
Book reviews on teaching tots self control, taking control of the work environment and finding marital bliss.

Sleep: Throw Away the Sleeping Pills

By Avigail Gordon
Belief in sleep meds may inhibit sleep.

Happiness: Pie in the Sky

By Sara Reistad-Long
Broad thinking brings broad grins.

Earnings and Yearnings: Moving On Down

By Carlin Flora
How are kids affected by a family's change of fortune?

Insights: News

By Matthew Hutson, ChiChi Madu, Arikia Millikan
Tidbits from inspiration to secret trysts.

Headcase: Gender Blender

By Scott Barry Kaufman
Adam Lambert rocks androgyny.

Beauty Treatment: Pales in Comparison

By Jen Kim
Finding the perfect pallor

Q/A: Agent Provocateur

By Ilana Simons Ph.D.
Alain de Botton insists on asking the rude questions in the back of our minds.

Keen Cuisine: Dairy Queen

By Hara Estroff Marano
When the first food may be the best food.

Mind Your Body: Strength in Numbers

By Holly St. Lifer
The upsides of exercising en masse

Natural Element: Office Spaces

By Jay Dixit
Does clutter seek its own level?

Nature's Bounty: A Heady Feast

By Katie Robbins
The way to one's stomach can be through the ears.

Personality: A Million-Track Mind

By Matthew Hutson
A deejay mixes highbrow and low.

Quirky Minds: Mountain Biking with the Blind

By Lawrence Rosenblum
People can echolocate like bats.

Recipe: Parsing Parsley

By Hara Estroff Marano
It's got too many goodies to be cast solely as garnish.

Blame: Goat Hunting

By Matthew Hutson
Finding targets to blame

Diagnosis: Not a Life Sentence

By Sonya Sobieski
Bipolar symptoms can lessen with age.

Therapy Watch: Head Over Heels

By PT Staff
Is love always obvious?

Urges: The Need to Know

By Matthew Hutson
Why we seek out hurtful information

Sex ed: The Porn in Your Head

By Jay Dixit

Who fantasizes about what—and why