November 2009

Psychology Today Magazine November 2009

Psychometrics: The Meta-Rorschach

A faux diagnostic guide

Advice: I Want Baby No. 3—Now!

He wants to wait to have a third child.

Advice: Ogling Other Women

Ogling other women can be a blatant put-down.

Advice: How Can I Get Past the Past?

How to let go of the past.

Nativity: Seasons' Greetings

The month that welcomes a newborn shapes his personality.

The PT Bookshelf: From Design to Efficiency

Book reviews on design, traits, and efficient behavior.

Genius, Genes and Gusto: How Passions Find You

A lot of factors contribute to creative success.

Reinventing the Wheel

Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor for The New Yorker, rolls out his creative process.

Diagnosis: On the Bipolar Seesaw

When does a cranky kid need an intervention?

Interview Corner: Numbers Guy

An autistic savant joins the wider world.

Final Analysis: Watch Your Back, Prozac!

The new crop of psychiatric wonder-drugs.

Field Guide to The Self-Doubter: Extra Credit

Some true successes say their laurels are unearned.

PT Blogs: News You Can Use!

From the lab to your life.

Global Psyche: Lap of Luxury

Japan's generation gap between conformist grown-ups and slacker kids.

Headcase: The Body Politic

Michelle Obama speaks through fashion.

Homo Consumericus: I’m Not a Doctor, But…

Celebrities think they can cure the world’s ills.

Keen Cuisine: Nuts Crack Diseases of Aging

Nuts--benefits for the brain.

Life in Balance: Timely Makeover

How you perceive time influences how you spend your days.

Mind Your Body: Walk This Way

No need to envy marathoners. Walking is just as good for your mind and body.

Natural Element: After the Noise

How your personality affects the way you respond to unwanted sound.

Nature's Bounty: Currying Favor With the Brain

Scientists are in hot pursuit of the spice turmeric to halt cognitive decline.

Insights: News

News on holidays, career and more.

Beauty Treatment: Bold Eyes, Pouty Lips

Contrast signals femininity.

On the Job: Working Knowledge

Making learning both social and active

Recipe: Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin deserves more than dessert.

Sex Ed: Keeping Up With the Johns

Why men pay for sex, and what happens when they do.

How To: Self-Promote (The Introverts' Edition)

Fight your nature and get noticed.

Intelligence: The Evolution of Night Owls

Why night owls might be smarter than others.

Therapy Watch: Fighting Words

How therapists avoid arguments

Two-Minute Memoir: I See Rude People

How to beat some manners into impolite society.