May 2009

Psychology Today Magazine May 2009

Earnings and Yearnings: The Freelance Personality

By Amy Rosenberg
Are you home-office compatible?

Diagnosis: Wake and Ache

By Clayton Simmons
Pills for a puzzling illness.

Crime & Punishment: Rethinking the Bad Seed

By Josh Gowin
Are psychopaths born or made?

2-Minute Memoir: Crazy Love

By Leslie Morgan Steiner
Why would a nice girl stay with such a brute?

7 Questions: Mass Communication

By Jessica Pilot
Julie Viera and her online followers.

Okay, So He Enjoys Masturbating

By Hara Estroff Marano
Masturbation is not always a sexual slight.

We Fight About Money

By Hara Estroff Marano
Advice on money and marriage.

I'm Sleep-Deprived in My Own Bed

By Hara Estroff Marano
Advice on a how to get a good night's sleep.

Epidemics: Autism Nation

By Clayton Simmons
Rising autism rates remain mysterious.

Beauty Beat: Color Within the Lines

By Catherine Fata
The importance of a constant complexion.

Mind Your Manners

By PT Staff
Should we pay more attention to mores?

Sex and the Peak Experience

By Matthew Hutson
The latest on the greatest release.

Bookshelf: From Viral Culture to Curiosity

By Carlin Flora, Josh Gowin, Matthew Hutson
Book reviews on behavioral economics and more.

Enter Sandman: Nocturnal Cognitions

By Matthew Hutson
We look to dreams for premonition and insight.

The Psychiatric Bible: Manual Manipulation

By Clayton Simmons
The DSM says who's sick and who's just fine.

Eccentric's Corner: Deconstruction Worker

By Matthew Hutson
Liz Diller discusses the visual culture of her architecture.

Racial Equality: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

By Josh Gowin
Obama's election: A dream come true?

Field Guide to the Snob: Some Like It Haute

By Adelle Waldman
Why some people look down on those less cultured.

Mind Your Body: Right on Cue

By Susan Carnell Ph.D.
How to change a naughty habit.

Natural Element: Think Outside the Block

By Courtney Hutchison
How greenery helps us think.

Nature's Bounty: Color-Coding Your Menu

By Susan McQuillan
A colorful menu is the better guide.

Bending the Mind With the Body

By Matthew Hutson
Sometimes your body knows what's up before you do.

Breeders: Daddy Makeover

By Matthew Hutson

Parenthood can change your personality.

PTSD: True Battle Scar?

By Catherine Fata
Do mental scars deserve military decoration?

Recipe: Smooth Operators

By Hara Estroff Marano
Fruit smoothies give a low-calorie energy boost.

Mating Calls: I Am My Car

By Matthew Hutson
My boyfriend drives a Ferrari--he's so extroverted!

Therapy Watch: Caught in the Middle

By Matthew Hutson
Should you share your therapist?

Keen Cuisine: Olives—An Olympian Edible

By Courtney Hutchison
Olives serve up much of the magic of the Mediterranean diet.