March 2009

Psychology Today Magazine March 2009

Two-Minute Memoir: Traveling on Charm Alone

By Leon Logothetis

The kindness of strangers nudged a shy conformist.

On The Job: Flavor Maker

By Tara Bruno

How do you get perfume to smell like a virgin?

Recipe: Dressing Up

By Hara Estroff Marano

To benefit from the nutrients in salads, you need to add fat—but the right fat.

Eccentric's Corner: Kinky Friedman

By Matthew Hutson

He's a dedicated troublemaker who wants to fix Texas.

PT Bookshelf: Mother Tongue

By Clayton Simmons, Matthew Hutson, Courtney Hutchison

Book reviews on language, problem-solving and Evangelicalism.

Happiness: All Things Must End

By Matthew Hutson

When time is short, you savor it.

Do Open Relationships Work?

By Hara Estroff Marano

The pros and cons of an open relationship.

Body Boundary: Melt With You

By Matthew Hutson

In a relationship, bodily threats are downplayed.

Beauty Beat: Men Bare It All

By Matthew Hutson

Body focused and hair-free.

7 Questions: Clive Barker

By Matthew Hutson

The prince of darkness on the art of horror.

Body of Evidence: Mother and Child

By Gina Ryder

Pregnancy is a time for forward thinking.

Advice: He Never Says "I Love You"

By Hara Estroff Marano

He never tells his wife he loves her.

Blogs: The Almighty Dollar

By Matthew Hutson

Everyone's got a goofy dollar sense.

Beauty Beat: Scarface

By Matthew Hutson
Don't let a gash wound your ego.

Winning Pros on Their Game

By Jeff Pearlman

Athletic pros discuss what gives them their winning edge.

Mind Your Body: So You Think You Can't Dance

By Erin Bell
How the rhythmless can boogie with confidence.

Global Psyche: Laid-Back (and Working Hard at It)

By Christine Kenneally

When down under with the Aussies, act cool.

Mind's Eye: Running Away With the Circus

By Carlin Flora
Why some prefer the hardships of showbiz.

Nature's Bounty: The Gift of Garlic

By Daniel A. Marano

Garlic is prized as a culinary ingredient and herbal remedy.

Education: Getting Schooled

By Jesse Oxfeld
Reading, writing, and rock 'n' roll.

Field Guide to the Enforcer: The Punishers

By Mark Teich
Why some people risk it all to punish evildoers

Final Analysis: David Servan-Schreiber

By Jay Dixit

A neuropsychiatrist beats cancer twice.

Natural Element: The Drama-Free Household

By Victoria Stern
Live in harmony with friend or faux pas.

Keen Cuisine: Gaga Over Goji

By Jett Stone
Goji berries have a celebrity following.

Diagnosis: Do the Rightest Thing

By Sadia Latifi
The burden of being an angel.

Relationships: Best Face Forward

By Matthew Hutson

First impressions of trustworthiness are key.

Therapy Watch: Lying on the Couch

By Matthew Hutson

Decoding deception in treatment.

I Am Where I Live

By Matthew Hutson
Who you are determines where you live.

How to Get Your Puppy on Letterman

By Josh Gowin
From slum dog to millionaire.

Advice: I Want a Baby; He Doesn't

By Hara Estroff Marano

Baby lust has a way of blinding women to reality.

Quirky Minds: Synesthesia, Taste the Rainbow

By Kirsten Weir

When the senses are cross-wired.