November 2008

Psychology Today Magazine November 2008

Take This Job and Love It

By Judith Sills Ph.D.

You have to work at loving your job.

When the Rumor Hits Home

By Jay Dixit
Five principles that help squash rumors.

Group Think: This Is So We

By Carlin Flora
There are good reasons to follow the crowd.

Conversation: Wouldn't It Be Funny If...

By Mark Peters
The art of the comical hypothetical.

Head 2 Head: A Co-ed Quandary

By Rachel Mahan
Do boys need girls in the classroom?

How to Give a Gift

By Ferris Jabr
Make your thoughts count.

Mythbusters: Let Us Prey

By Dawn Stanton

Does religion reduce aggression?

Keen Cuisine: How to Survive A Snack Attack

By Hara Estroff Marano

The right snacks improve your eating habits.

Body of Evidence: Top of the Heap

By Matthew Hutson

Social status reveals a wealth about health.

PT Bookshelf: Why We Buy

By Brian Andrew, Victoria Stern, Gina Ryder

Book reviews on why we consume—and what consumes us.

Beauty Beat: In the Rough

By Matthew Hutson
The science behind designer stubble.

Expertise: Creatures of Habit

By Matthew Hutson
Know-how gets you in—and out—of ruts.

Advice: What If My Parents Separate?

By Hara Estroff Marano
Hara Estroff Marano advises on marriage and separation.

Eccentric's Corner: Double Identity

By Matthew Hutson

Two creative aces who play the joker card.

Advice: Friends to Lovers

By Hara Estroff Marano
Hara Estroff Marano advises on communicating interest.

Blogs: Fantasy Anthropology

By Matthew Hutson

Sizing up subcultures.

Diagnosis: Get Your Genes in Shape

By Sadia Latifi
Lifestyle trumps heredity in diabetes.

Nature's Bounty: Back-to-Basic Beef

By Daniel A. Marano
What did your dinner eat for dinner?

Fieldwork: The Psychological Cocktail

By Brian Andrew
Research shakes up bar behavior.

Data Mine: Sexual Strategy

By PT Staff
Hooking up and the office romance.

Mind Your Body: Making Foresight 20/20

By Matthew Hutson
Connect with your future self.

On the Job: Hacker Hunter

By Rachel Mahan
An ex-convict keeps computer-users safe.

Final Analysis: Mercenary John Geddes

By Jay Dixit
An action hero on surviving the war zone.

The New Rules of Social Networking

By Ferris Jabr

It pays to be friendly, but not too friendly.

Natural Element: The Best Neighborhoods

By Jessica Wapner
There's more to finding a home.

Therapy Watch: In a Slump

By Matthew Hutson

The clinicians' take on the economy.

Better Late Than Never

By Scott Barry Kaufman
How to get a late start and succeed.

PT Recipe: Sweet Talk

By Rachel Mahan

Sugar gets a reprieve, sort of.

Two Minute Memoir: The Cliché Blues

By Stew
Musician and playwright Stew reflects on a youthful identity crisis.

Salud to Singletons

By Carlin Flora
Singles are catching up to the healthier "marrieds."

Morality: From Sucker to Saint

By Matthew Hutson
Why you see your dunce cap as a halo.