September 2008

Psychology Today Magazine September 2008

Field Guide to the Tomboy: High Heels and Pink? No way

By Sarah Showfety

Embracing your not-so-feminine side

How to Keep Yourself Healthy

By Carlin Flora
Hygiene tips from the expert.

Neanderthink: An Outsize Appetite, Courtesy of Evolution

By Nando Pelusi Ph.D.
How to control your appetite amid plenty.

On the Spot: The Popular Vote

By Matthew Hutson
Teenagers are political animals, too.

Field Work: Goal Pursuit

By Matthew Hutson
When soccer plays on psychology's turf.

On the Job: Titan of Type

By Rachel Mahan
Dressing up the words you read.

Recipe: Earth Angels

By Robin Nixon

'Shrooms are Boomin' with riches.

Nature's Bounty: Soil Salvation

By Daniel A. Marano
Growing your own food is better for your health.

Rock the Vote

By Eriq Gardiner
What the candidates' playlists say about them.

Of Two Minds

By Matthew Hutson
The benefits of bilingualism.

Mind Your Body: Lost in Thought

By Wei-Hsuan Lin
How to avoid choking.

Religion: With God on Our Side

By Matthew Hutson
We perceive God in our own image.

Global Psyche: East Meets Western

By Philip Cornwel-Smith
Cowboys of the Mild Mild East.

Diagnosis: The Cold Hard Truth

By Ferris Jabr
A critical look at natural cures.

Mad Scientists: Fringe Benefits

By Ferris Jabr
Sometimes madness inspires genius.

Natural Element: Seeing Red

By Rachel Mahan
The most alarming shade in the rainbow.

Keen Cuisine: The Apple of Your Eyes (and Heart and Brain)

By Kimberly Mickenberg
Why an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

PT Bookshelf: Going High-Tech

By Brian Andrew, Ferris Jabr, Rachel Mahan
Book reviews for the techies.

Two Minute Memoir: Highs and Lows in Harmony

By Rachel Barton Pine
Making the most of talent and bad luck.

Eccentric's Corner: The Transformer

By Matthew Hutson
Calpernia Addams on the long road to womanhood.

Unconventional Wisdom: Getting Virginity Out of the Way

By Hara Estroff Marano
Hara Estroff Marano gives advice on virginity and marriage.

Final Analysis: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Freedom

By Jay Dixit
An anti-Islamist now in hiding.

Body of Evidence: Holding Patterns

By Hara Estroff Marano

Maternal attachment and healthy babies.

Beauty Beat: Don't Look Away

By Wei Hsuan Lin
Self-esteem and skin self-exams.

Blogs: Fill In the Oval Office

By Matthew Hutson

Putting the presidential candidates to the test.

When Green Is Mean

By Judith Sills Ph.D.

Envy in the office.

Art: You Call That Art?!

By Matthew Hutson
Appreciating the unconventional.

How to Spin a Good Story

By Brian Andrew
You don't need to be Aesop to tell a good tale.

Data Mine: From Warding off Death to the Sandman

By Matthew Hutson

How we use celebs to preserve ourselves, stay awake behind the wheel, and find love.

Therapy Watch: Bottled Up

By Matthew Hutson
When "I'm OK" really does mean "I'm OK."

George Carlin's Finale

By Jay Dixit
Late comedian George Carlin's last interview.