July 2008

Psychology Today Magazine July 2008

Two-Minute Memoir: Total Recall

By Jill Price, Bart Davis
Meet Jill Price: A woman who never forgets.

Therapy Watch: Inner Space

By Matthew Hutson
What's the ideal office decor for therapists?

Neuroethics: Gut Renovation

By Matthew Hutson
When self-enhancement compromises authenticity.

Quirky Minds: Hold Me Back

By William Lee Adams, Matthew Hutson
Some people are prisoners of their impulses.

Mind Games: Crafting Creative Deals

By Matthew Hutson
Understanding versus empathizing while bargaining.

The Affect Effect

By Judith Sills Ph.D.

There's a warming trend in the office emotional code.

Recipe: Better than Ice Cream

By Hara Estroff Marano

It's OK to go nuts over almonds.

Data Mine: From Persuasion to Impotence

By Matthew Hutson, Robin Nixon, Jett Stone
Bargaining, bad decisions, and more.

On the Job: Broad Attack

By Kim Mickenberg
Finding peace in the fighting ring.

Natural Element: A Room with a View

By Kim Mickenberg
Bringing nature inside.

Nature's Bounty: Vanity Fare

By Hara Estroff Marano
The health conscious chef.

Mind Your Body: Taking a Stand

By Katie Gilbert
Good posture sets the stage for a good mood.

Final Analysis: Kiki Smith on Creative Struggle

By Kaja Perina
International artist Kiki Smith on creative struggles.

Keen Cuisine: Broccoli Rave

By Jett Stone
Broccoli could be the fountain of youth.

In Brief: From Success to Snuggles

By PT Staff
Facts on success, sarcasm, Googling, touching, and more.

Neanderthink: Love's Plan B

By Nando Pelusi Ph.D.
Nature's form of love insurance.

Thinking Outside the In-box

By Suzanne Krause
What that email really says.

Global Psyche: Ego Under Fire

By Sarmad Ali
Reflections from an Iraqi emigrant.

Beauty Beat: Eye-Catcher

By Robin Nixon
Lash-batting as sport.

Blogs: Impossible Experiments

By Matthew Hutson
PT bloggers share their fantasy experiments.

Eccentric's Corner: The Alchemist

By Matthew Hutson
Entrepreneur Marc Ecko's eye for design.

Media: Happily Ever After

By Matthew Hutson

Fictional tales boost fantasies about reality.

What If My Fiancé Is Gay?

By Hara Estroff Marano
Unconventional wisdom on when to come clean, how to get respect, and more.

Body of Evidence: Life in the Balance

By PT Staff
How to maintain balance—physically and emotionally.

Field Guide to The Nerd: It's All Geek to Me

By Benjamin Nugent
How to teach a nerd the nuances of social life.

The PT Bookshelf: From Disaster to Murder

By Suzanne Krause, Jeffrey Portnoy, Kaja Perina
Book reviews on life's emotional shake-ups.

Secrets of the Big Losers

By Jay Dixit
How to keep the pounds off.

Image Trip: Flight Attendants

By Carlin Flora
The hidden glamour of flight attendants.