July 2007

Psychology Today Magazine July 2007

How to Handle Rejection

By Carlin Flora
How rejection can help you reinvent yourself.

Keen Cuisine: The Flavor of Cleverness

By Hara Estroff Marano
Sweet reasons to savor chocolate.

Mind Your Body: A Higher Road to Relaxation

By Stephanie Gold

Beating stress with a little face time.

Group Therapy: Collective Subconscious

By Matthew Hutson

Benefit of the group; when to go it alone and when not to.

Diet: Comfort Food

By Matthew Hutson
Is emotional eating ruining your diet?

PT Recipe: Mouthwatering Melon

By Stephanie Guzowski
The summer fruit packed with nutrients.

Diversity: Smiles in Translation

By Matthew Hutson
Facial expressions come in local flavors.

Beauty Beat: Hot Rich Men and Sun Damage

By Marissa Kristal
Rich studs are not to be trusted. Plus: How sunbathing brings more than wrinkles.

Telecommuting: Can It Hurt Your Career?

By Anya Kamenetz

The value of face time.

Advice: Heavy Bedroom Issues

By Hara Estroff Marano

When body image squelches sex and many more intimacy issues.

Networking from Nowhere, USA

By Anya Kamenetz
Tech-savvy social networking connects rural to urban.

Social Graces: All Apologies

By Gregory Sulkowski
Most people will accept an apology--forced or sincere.

Road Test: Road Map to Pleasantville

By Marissa Kristal
How to train your brain to be happier.

In Brief: Staying on Top

By Stephanie Guzowski, Matthew Hutson
Abstract thinking and keeping the brain at the top of its game.

The PT Bookshelf

By Kaja Perina, Stephanie Guzowski, Nando Pelusi Ph.D.
The evolution of language, war, and social adhesives.

Quirky Minds: Amputee Wannabes

By William Lee Adams
When a complete body makes you feel incomplete.

Global Psyche: On Their Own Time

By Rick Vecchio
In Peru, punctuality is a myth.

Inspiration in the City

By Anya Kamenetz
Four city dwellers give their perspective on urban living.

The Competition: Near Miss

By Carlin Flora
One step down from the crown.

Final Analysis: Illeana Douglas

By Carlin Flora
The candid comedienne on rejection.

In Brief: Good Morning!

By PT Staff
Coffee makes you go, yogurt keeps you going, and stocks just go go go.

Animal Kingdom: Head of the Pack

By Matthew Hutson
Animals are smarter than you think.

Field Guide: Sarcastic Masters

By Elizabeth Svoboda

How to negotiate the fine line between being snarky and being a jerk

Numerical Nomad

By Matthew Hutson
MIT professor Erik Demaine attacks big problems with origami.

The Lure of Laziness

By Nando Pelusi Ph.D.

You can fight the built-in urge to slack off.

Walking the Teamwork Tightrope

By Judith Sills Ph.D.

How to be a team player while making your own efforts shine.

Making Sense of Your World

By Hara Estroff Marano
How perceptions pave the path to wellness.

Two People, One Breadwinner

By Deborah Siegel Ph.D.

How to divide roles when one partner works and the other stays home.