May 2004

Psychology Today Magazine May 2004

Virtual Social Climbing

Online networks don't deliver.

Star Athletes: Where Are They Now?

The postgame hall of fame.

Advice: He's Trying to Control Her

If she leaves, he'll take their son.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Cosmetic surgery allows the world to see us as we do.

Advice: He Confuses Women

One male virgin and women are befuddled.

Advice: Friendship and Flirtation

Where does she draw the line?

Take This Job And...

Summoning the courage to chart a new course.

Make a Great Impression

All it takes is following seven simple rules.

The Surprising Truth About Addiction

More people quit addictions than maintain them.

Six Principles of Change

How to make change a success.

Calling it Quits

Four people who kicked the habit.

About Faith

Religious conversion is a common occurrence.

The Soul Searcher

Leaving a good life for a new religion and ancient art. One man's pursuit of a new religion and vocation.

Advice: She's Positive, He's Cynical

One wakes up with zest, the other is mired in pessimism.

Better Than My Ex

Does your beau beat your ex?

Advice: From Friends to Lovers

Should he tell her how he really feels?

Health Bites

Fast facts on sunlight, auditory hallucinations, anger and more.

The Skinny on Calorie Restriction

One man goes to extremes to live longer.

Deception Detection

Brain fingerprinting spots crime and innocence.

Speed Freaks

Slow down, you move too fast.

May the Tallest Man Win

In elections, birth order and height matter.

Madhur Jaffrey: Sweet Remembrances

The actress and cookbook author dishes.

ADHD: The Family Tree

Stressed out by your kid's ADHD?

Hidden Male Grief

Men often deny they are grieving after an abortion.

Fish Maintain Your Brain

Omega-3s help maintain your brain and alleviate depression.

Two Drinks Too Many

Alcohol damage and pregnancy.

Unwanted Thoughts

Things we sweep under the rug fill our minds while we dream.

Hoping for a Girl

A new and controversial technology gives parents the chance to pick their baby's gender.

Stolen Kisses

You don't want to know how one in five couples really meet.

Stop That Treadmill

Compulsive exercising has become common enough to start a movement.

Cracking The Admissions Code

Are college-essay topics the key to getting in?

Allergies: Widespread Reactions

More kids and parents are living with food allergies.

Nutrition: How Sweet It Is

Some sugars are good for your health.

Did You Know?

Fast facts on women and alcohol, relationships, low-carb, and more.

Self-conscious? Get Over It

Don't obsess over your shortcomings.

This Is Your Brain on Food

Just looking at foods you like can send your brain into a tizzy.

The Soul Searcher

A young man leaves the promise of the good life for a new religion and the chance to perfect an ancient art.

Trusting Intuition

Sometimes we think too much and become paralyzed in the process.

A Meeting of Hearts and Minds

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart and your brain.