March 2001

Psychology Today Magazine March 2001

Skill, Not Will

By Robert Epstein Ph.D.

Dangerous Diet Drinks

By Peter Rebhahn

Aspartame can wreak havoc on your long-term memory.

Alone Against the World

By Carin Gorrell
Sometimes a friend may actually increase your stress level.

Photo Analysis

By Janice Levine

Kurt Lewin

By PT Staff

Soy Does a Body Good

By PT Staff
Isoflavone-rich soy may help prevent many chronic diseases.


By Monique I. Cuvelier

The Emotional Eater

By Eric W. Martin
Why do we eat junk food when we're stressed?

Liars Undercover

By Diana Burrell
Why do we lie about sex?

A Bridge To Better Health?

By Gabriel Berezin

It Takes a Village

By Peace Brod

Tea from the African Bush

By PT Staff
An herbal tea with polyphenols to boot.

Blueberries: A Fountain of Health

By PT Staff

Boost your diet—and your coordination—with blueberries.

Happy Hours (Book Review)

By Paul Chance

Reviews the book 'Happy Hours: Alcohol in a Woman's Life,' by Devon Jersild.

Help From Hormones

By Marguerite Lamb

Baby Blues

By Linda Formichelli

Healing at Home

By PT Staff
What to consider when using a homeopathic remedy.

SAM-e: The Natural Mood Enhancer

By PT Staff
SAM-e is a natural depression fighter with unusual bonuses.

Never Too Skinny

By Rebecca Segall
How thin is too thin?

Want Yet Another Reason to Have Sex?

By Kelly McCarthy
Sex is healthy. But you already knew that.

Yoga: Stretch for Your Health

By PT Staff
If you haven't tried yoga yet, get with the program!

Sleep On It

By Rebecca Segall
Don't cram for that exam!

Almonds: Get Heart Healthy

By PT Staff
Don't be afraid to go nuts over nuts—they could save your life.

Better Than Dope

By Harvey Milkman

PT Links

By Jessica Rogers

Memories Made Easy, and False

By Kelly McCarthy
How your mind plays tricks on you.

St. John's Wort: Perk Up Your Tea

By PT Staff
Herbal teas that can lift your spirits.

Darkness in El Dorado(Book Review)

By Brian Weiss, Paul Chance

My Therapist, My Friend

By Pamela Cytrynbaum

Why your therapist can't be your friend.

False Optimism

By Diana Burrell

Baby Fat

By Nicole Bode
Overweight kids are likely to have overweight parents.

Opposites Attract

By Carin Gorrell

Sounding Off at Work

By Sarah Smith
Office noise can stress you out, but you might not even notice.

A User's Guide to the Brain

By Paul Chance
A book that considers perception, consciousness, emotion.

The Healing Power of Pets

By Carin Gorrell
Pets improve our minds and bodies.

Ask Dr. E

By Robert Epstein Ph.D.