May 1999

Psychology Today Magazine May 1999

Friends: Life Support

By Camille Chatterjee
Safeguards against the damaging effects of stress.

The Illness-Fighter

By Camille Chatterjee

The Trouble with Insecurity

By Jeff Howe
How low self-esteem sabotages relationships.

The Bad News Bias

By Hara Estroff Marano

Helping Athletes Go For the Gold

By Robert Epstein Ph.D.

Thrills & Chills

By Eric Minton

Smoking and the Thrill-Seeking Gene

By Camille Chatterjee

Are smokers wired to light up?

But Where's Dad?

By Anastasia Toufexis

"I Hurt All Over"

By Mirinda J. Kossoff

Oh, the chronic pain of fibromyalgia.

Wages: Sharing the Wealth

By Peter Rebhahn
Money really does motivate workers.

Got Milk?

By Camille Chatterjee
Women favor flavor for their families.

Read the Label

By Holly Parker

Coping With Cancer

By PT Staff
Fighting cancer with a healthy attitude.

The Joys of Soy

By Camille Chatterjee
The west embraces soy.

The Looking Glass Effect

By Peter Haugen
People shown a mirror eat less unhealthy food.

Drink to Your Health

By Camille Chatterjee
Chai, green, or black, tea is in vogue.

The Stirring Sound of Stress

By Jeff Howe
Why we wake a minute before the alarm.

Mob Psychology

By Camille Chatterjee

Mean Streets

By Peter Rebhahn

Born Athletes

By Camille Chatterjee
Why some athletes run a little farther.

Fertile Fathers

By Camille Chatterjee

Not-so-Friendly Faces

By Michelle Gallagher

Stress Is Back

By Richard Firshein
Stress really does lead to ulcers, at least in part.