Sam Louie MA, LMHC

Sam Louie is a psychotherapist with an emphasis on multicultural issues and behavioral addictions (i.e. eating, gaming, gambling, etc.).  He is also a public speaker on diversity issues and addiction recovery (growing up with 3 generations of addictions). Sam received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage & family therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Prior to counseling, Sam worked as an Emmy Award-winning television journalist where he researched, produced, and reported on stories related to psychotherapy, culture, and addiction. He is the author of Asian Shame & Addiction: Suffering in Silence and Slanted Eyes: The Asian-American Poetic Experience (poetry collection based on themes of Asian culture, mental health, and addictions).  For more on speaking engagements please go to his speaking website: or email him at  For more on books and resources please go to his counseling website:

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Minority Report

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