Patrick Heck Ph.D.

Patrick Heck received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Brown University in 2017 and is now a Research Scientist in the interdisciplinary Meyer-Chabris lab at Geisinger Health System. Broadly, Patrick is interested in how people navigate noisy and uncertain social contexts in ways that make people feel confident and capable (i.e., to get ahead), while still managing to coexist, build relationships with others, and even thrive among them (i.e., to get along).

His specific research interests include how people think about themselves relative to others and relative to reality (overconfidence), when and why people choose to ignore or avoid important information about themselves (deliberate ignorance), the puzzling belief that experimentation and randomized evaluation are unethical a priori (the “A/B Effect”), and when and why people choose prosociality over selfish defection (the Volunteer’s Dilemma). He occasionally blogs about the human processes that drive and produce modern social science, including where scientific ideas come from, what counts as sound statistical evidence, and how to conduct science ethically and transparently.

Author of

Getting Along and Getting Ahead

How social motivations and uncertainty influence our judgments, decisions, and rationality Read now.