Lily Bernheimer

Lily Bernheimer is an environmental psychology consultant, writer, and researcher. She is Founding Director of Space Works Consulting where she strategizes to make workspace, residential, urban, and justice environments work for the people and purpose they serve. Her first book, The Shaping of Us: How Everyday Spaces Structure our Lives, Behavior, and Well-Being, was published by Trinity University Press in 2019 (after first publishing with Little, Brown in the UK).
 Her research on Wellbeing in Prison Design was awarded the 2018 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) President’s Award for Research in Ethics and Sustainable Development. She holds an MSc. in Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey, where she also served as a 2016 Research Fellow, and BA from Brown University.

Lily's environmental psychology consulting work has ranged from design strategy for well-being in co-working spaces to advising Transport for London on street design tactics ‘nudging’ pedestrians into avoiding road danger. She has worked with clients such as Grainger plc, Cuprinol, RESI, Impact HUB, and Adam Architecture and regularly speaks at forums such as San Francisco Design Week, Open House New York, Clerkenwell Design Week, the London Festival of Architecture, and Cambridge University. Her writing has appeared in The GuardianThe Psychologist, and Architecture Today, and her work has been featured on the BBC, ITV News, and Grand Designs Magazine.

Lily is available for consulting, speaking, and media inquiries and can be contacted at

Author of

The Shaping of Us

How everyday spaces shape our lives, behavior, and well-being Read now.