Kerry Tobin M.A.

Kerry Tobin, M.A., is an Assistant Professor at Cuyahoga Community College in their Philosophy Department.  In May 2018 she was awarded tenure in the Philosophy Department.  She teaches classes in Philosophy, Bioethics and the Humanities.  Since 2007 Kerry has been working as a speaker, writer and educator.  Kerry is an articulate and energetic speaker with the ability to motivate and engage varied audiences.  She has her MA in Philosophy from Cleveland State University and her BA in International Relations from Adelphi University.  She has worked and studied abroad in Ireland, England, Austria and Italy.  She is a Certified Associate of The American Philosophical Practitioners Association.  Ms. Tobin has also contributed to several articles on professional development and has been quoted and featured in The Plain Dealer, and The Ladies Home Journal.  In 2016 she was a speaker at a Cleveland TED X event. The talk: Philosophy For The Future   

Author of

The Doughnut Dilemma

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