Karen E. Dill-Shackleford Ph.D.

Karen Dill-Shackleford, Ph.D., is a social psychologist who publishes in the field of media psychology, the relationship between what we watch on our screens and our everyday lives. Her areas of interest include the stories we tell about race and gender and social interactions and relationships in the media and how we make sense of ourselves and others through story. She is the author of How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Information and Entertainment Media in Everyday Life (2016) from Oxford University Press, the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology (2013) and the co-author of Mad Men Unzipped: Fans on Sex, Love and the Sixties of TV (2015). She is a faculty member in the Media Psychology doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA.

Dill-Shackleford gave expert testimony before Congress on media violence in 2000 and on misogyny in rap music lyrics in 2007. She co-authored a statement on interactive media violence, which lead to the APA's Resolution on Violence in Video Games and Interactive Media.   Her dissertation on video game violence effects has been cited by scholars over 1500 times. Perhaps her most memorable "honor" was having a car named after her in Grand Theft Auto IV - the "Karin Dilettante" is a playful spoof named in homage of the often controversial relationship between the gaming industry and violence researchers.

Author of

How Fantasy Becomes Reality

The Psychology of entertainment media's role in our social lives.

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