Amy Lewis Bear MS

Amy Lewis Bear is a psychotherapist and the author of From Charm to Harm: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping Emotional Abuse. (Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House 2014). The emotional abuse Amy experienced in her early adult relationships so profoundly impacted her that she gave up a successful career in public relations and returned to graduate school to become a psychotherapist.

Since then, she has dedicated her professional life to treating emotional abuse victims and helping to expose a social epidemic that thrives on secrecy.

After the release of her book, From Charm to Harm, she received an endorsement from phenomenal best selling author, Dr. John Gray, who sold more than 50 million copies of his book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. He has authored many more books and is considered to be the number one relationship book author of all time. Amy went on a media tour that included interviews on dozens of television and radio talk shows across America.

She continues to write and speak on the subject of emotional abuse. Her mission is to encourage both perpetrator and victim to recognize and stop destructive behaviors, get help, and provide healthy relationship role models for their children.

Amy provides long-distance counseling through phone and video tele-therapy sessions. You can learn more about her work or request a session by going to

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From Charm to Harm

The lack of language to identify emotional abuse and its devastating effects among couples is a major barrier to recognition and treatment. From Charm to Harm breaks down this barrier by providing simple words and definitions that name and explain harmful interactions between intimate partners. Many of the interactions are hard to distinguish from the normal experience of a relationship. From Charm to Harm will empower you to recognize and describe emotional abuse tactics and the effects on you. It will provide you with ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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