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Sue Scheff


Sue Scheff is an author, speaker, parent advocate, and internet safety expert. In 2001, she founded Parents’ Universal Resource Experts, Inc., an informational resource that to help parents struggling with challenging teenagers. Her books Wit’s End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen (HCI, 2008) and Google Bomb! How the $11.3M Verdict Changed the Way We Use the Internet (HCI, 2009) – co-authored by the late John Dozier – offer a range of prescriptive advice for parents and teens in both the real world and cyberspace. Her latest book, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks, 2017), with a foreword by Monica Lewinsky, is the first to explore the phenomenon of online shaming and offer practical guidance and advice for all ages.

Since she began her work as an advocate, Scheff's name and voice have become synonymous with helping victims of online abuse as well as educating families about the importance of responsible digital citizenship and protecting their online reputations. As a leader in the movement against cyberbullying, she focuses on teaching others how to avoid virtual cruelty and how to effectively react when it occurs.

She has been featured as an expert source on media outlets including CBS This Morning, ABC News, 20/20, The Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Anderson Cooper, The CBS Nightly News, Lifetime, Fox News, the CBC, the BBC, Dr. Drew, Headline News, and InSession, as well as print publications such as USA Today, AARP, Parenting, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, Forbes, The Sun-Sentinel, The Asian Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Los Angeles Times.

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