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Jessica Koehler Ph.D.


Jessica Koehler, Ph.D., is an Associate Faculty Member in the University of Arizona Global Campus Psychology Department. She has a Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Maryland, where her research explored teacher beliefs. Her academic journey includes a role at Georgetown University, where she managed research assistants and conducted neuropsychological evaluations in a functional neuroimaging lab.

Koehler's professional expertise extends to working as a psychologist in various school settings, conducting comprehensive psycho-educational assessments. Her diverse experience also encompasses roles as an undergraduate and graduate psychology instructor, an online AP Psychology lecturer, and a researcher focusing on evaluating social-skills program implementation in educational environments.

In addition to these roles, Koehler authored a book on developmental psychologist Jean Piaget. As the creator of Koehler Academy and a homeschooling parent, she is deeply invested in bridging the gap between psychology as a science and its practical applications in learning and everyday life.

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