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Douglas LaBier Ph.D.


Douglas LaBier, Ph.D., a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, business psychologist and writer based in Washington, DC, is also Director of the Center for Progressive Development.

As a psychotherapist, he treats men and women, individuals and couples, with a particular focus on adult/midlife developmental issues. He has a long-standing interest in the psychology of the career culture, emotional development, and the interplay between work and mental health, which he first wrote about in his book, Modern Madness. As a business psychologist, Dr. LaBier consults to senior executives, leaders and career professionals on ways to create greater alignment between personal development and a positive leadership/management culture.

He's published frequently in The Washington Post and other national publications, and has appeared on national and local TV and radio. Dr. LaBier is currently developing a new book project about building psychologically health and emotional resilience within today's interconnected, unpredictable world.

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A native of upstate New York, he’s lived in Washington, DC for decades but still loves the Hudson Valley and New England.

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