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David F Lancy Ph.D.


David Lancy, Ph.D., has been a student of parenting practices since he was born. His own parents' talents in this line became much more evident, once he was no longer their responsibility. Two daughters provided opportunities to test emergent theory, including the prominence of genes in sex-role typing (more later). As an anthropologist, his research has focused on childhood and the role of parents and others in supporting the transformation of children into competent adults. His initial fieldwork was done among the Kpelle of Liberia followed by extended study in several very traditional cultures in Papua New Guinea. Lancy has also studied pre-schools in Sweden, gorillas at play in Rwanda, and gender roles among Yemeni children. He has authored over 60 articles/chapters and eight books including the second edition of The Anthropology of Childhood and Raising Children: Insights From Other Cultures.which has just appeared.

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