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Craig B. Barkacs MBA, JD


Craig Barkacs, MBA, JD, is a proven trial lawyer with three decades of experience as an attorney in high-profile cases, including the first successful pregnancy discrimination lawsuit in the country. In addition to his legal career, Professor Barkacs boasts over 30 years of experience as an ethics and law professor. Professor Barkacs instructs a wide span of heavily enrolled masters-level courses at the University of San Diego School of Business on topics such as Law, Policy, and Ethics in a Global Business Environment; Values, Ethics, and Corporate Culture; Negotiation; Conflict Diagnosis and Dispute Resolution; and Power and Politics. As a way of connecting with the broader business community and keeping his skills honed, Barkacs and his wife are principals in The Barkacs Group, a business consulting firm that provides negotiation and ethics training for the private sector.

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