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Carl Wilkerson M.B.A.


Carl Wilkerson, M.B.A. is an artist, micromedia producer, musician, composer, author, mathematician and business analyst who has provided caregiving to his chronically ill partner for over 14 years and who has lived with his own chronic illness for the past three years. He has produced numerous media projects, including video, Internet radio, FM radio, music and blogging. He co-wrote Taking Up Space: How Eating Well and Exercising Regularly Changed My Life, with his wife, Pattie Thomas, Ph.D., who remains his creative partner and co-conspirator in fighting the good fights. He has been a caregiver spouse since Pattie became ill in 1997. The roles switched in 2008 when Carl confronted his own chronic illness. He has found that humor, truth, sensuality and sensuousness, creativity, music and revelry are key to thriving in the face of the challenges of being part of a Couple with Disabilities.

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