So then, if there's "innate sexual wiring" then why would I, born with Autism Spectrum Disorder and high levels of Grandiosity, not develop sexual interest or desires in females until after I was sexually abused by a male? Is it really so psychologically simple as "brain wiring" if someone didn't start out with a base interest? Is it even possible to have a sexual "nature"? You say there's no choice, based on research. However, I'd like to cite Pavlov as a contradiction in the fact that with enough nurture and monitoring, nurturing a person's sexuality through trauma or other forms of PTSD avoidance is a major possibility. That was how I developed interest in females. Trauma, hatred for said trauma and disdain for those calling me a sexuality I don't want, that inevitably developed me into being heterosexual. I'd say the only thing "natural" about my sexuality is the absolute desire to stick it to society, because I got tired of being called "gay" or "faggot" when it isn't even what I want and then when they say "it isn't a choice" I just simply say "yeah, it can be. Particularly when people like you try to define me." You cannot tell me that someone averse to adhering to peer pressure is anything other than nurture. So again, how is sexuality solely brain wired?