I like to think that WSC would have done just fine on TV, despite looking like the Victorian throwback that he was. He could dominate a conversation or debate with the force of his wit and the brilliance of his mind. He was quick, eloquent, and could be devastating...and if he wasn't a matinee idol he certainly provided lively theater. He didn't mince his words. He took stands. We have no one of that caliber today, sadly. He knew history, politics, and kept a sharp eye on the world. For a decade, WSC tried to warn Brits of the danger posed by Germany's illegal (by the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI) rearming and fevered hate mongering, but a worn and weary island nation would not listen, and virtually all its politicians were stunningly eager to appease the Nazis. When war finally erupted, the Brits had no one but Churchill to turn to for leadership. And he was a true leader, willing to speak up though few listened in the 30s, and keenly aware of the incredibly depressed spirit of his countrymen, which he relentlessly addressed as PM. He refused to leave Downing Street during the Blitz. He was a leader in every fiber of his being.