We have at least 35,000 plus multicultural assessments on motivational scales, one of which is collecting/ saving. There are no significant gender differences on the scale score. Some of the items directly ask about throwing things away. I don't know if there is a gender difference on the item, but with none for the scale, it is unlikely. I am a male and I enjoy throwing things away and dislike collecting, but I am married 40 years and don't like ending relationships.

Holding on to a relationship has nothing to do with how much a person likes to collect, except that two collectors have a shared value, while a collector and non-collector have a competing value. Relationships involve so much more, though, it is a minor issue.

Gender differences in holding on to a relationship encompass a number of issues. To assess such differences, you would need to equate quality of the relationship ("all other factors being equal"), which we could do, but it wouldn't be easy. Secondly, the relevant motives/values change depending on the relationship (frie4nds, romantic, boss/worker, etc.). Thirdly, how much the individuals value loyalty (which is closely connected to honor) matter.

If you want to learn more about what traits, values, and motives go together -- based on validated scales -- check out Chapter 3 in my book "Normal Personality" (see www.amazon.com) Also check out the principles of motivation in Chapter 10.