There is a very successful rehabilitation program located north of Rockford, IL that uses rescue dogs in the healing of veterans with PTSD. It is called Circle of Change, Inc. and works in conjunction with the VA. If you are a veteran who needs some additional support and you live in the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin area, you may want to check them out. You must be referred to the program by the VA - so ask them about it! You don't have to have a dog or adopt a dog to benefit from this program.

The trainer with Circle of Change is Pat Muller. Pat has dogs available from time to time for veterans or others who need an emotional support dog. She uses her own dogs and dogs she adopted when she teaches the classes for Circle of Change (and for other programs she leads). The dogs are very well trained. You don't have to be local to get one of the dogs, but you must be willing to travel to her facility and spend some time there working with the dog and show that you are capable of caring for the dog appropriately and of keeping up the training that was done. Her website is