I believe that the canine qualities you've identified are also the basis for the strong bonds of devotion that develop between soldiers serving in war zones and the dogs they encounter, either as military working dogs or sometimes as strays whom the soldiers befriend. News stories often report the extraordinary relationships that form between these soldiers and their dogs, and the public's developing appreciation for these bonds has fueled the growing interest, in recent years, in adoption of retired military dogs who, in past wars, would often have been euthanized or abandoned. The bonds of affection that today's soldiers develop with their dogs seem to be much the same as those experienced by soldiers in the American Civil War. Although there was no formal program for use of military dogs at that time, countless numbers of dogs accompanied soldiers for both North and South, typically as mascots. These dogs helped soldiers to endure a new and devastating form of warfare, helping to raise the soldiers' morale during one of the bleakest times in our nation's history. You can read more about these remarkable dogs here: http://www.LoyaltyOfDogs.com