I think if managers want more social time from introverts, then they need to actually carve out time in the day for that. It also helps greatly that workload is more evenly distributed for that to happen.

I've had crazy managers who expected me to do web design for their co-op student's college project. Give me a break! Other staff members who bug me to do dumb tasks because their computers don't have certain software...like resizing their 5MB images and converting them to pdf pages...but much of the time, they want their projects "prettied up" -- I'm not people's personal assistant...and this should never become a habit. But a lot of the time, my managers make it a habit, because the manager wants to be buddies with everyone...especially his/her colleagues ...so then I have to bust my ass off and sometimes stay after hours to catch up on MY OWN work or work through lunch! You can't negotiate with these types of managers. They like to WIN.