It is true sometimes there are drawbacks with having high standards and an eye for detail. My bad! Well, this actually depends on who (type of personality) you are working for whether this is appreciated or not.

I once worked for this marketing communications and design agency whose clients (mostly financial and banking sector) paid thousands of dollars for our work (my work was billed $150/hr) then of course the bar is set very high...the tiniest details were pored over. Everything was laid under a microscope. Standards were high...3 senior managers had to approve each piece.

All of the information which I had to work with came from my managers...they were supposedly well-researched and accurate. Given that I was accustomed to being detail-oriented and thinking that I was a team player --- I stumbled upon some information that didn't "jive" (because I think I had read about it earlier) I investigated and realized that a historic event, on the design piece that I was working, was in fact inaccurately stated...the date and event didn't match...something like that; it was the tech bubble explosion or black market crash.... So being the thoughtful me, I informed my managers of this finding. They didn't say a word to me, instead they went hush, hush into a meeting for several minutes...then finally came out, one of them asked me to correct the error. There was no thank you, gratitude of any sort. After that incident, I felt these managers gave me attitude and were overly critical of my work. My thoughtful gesture was undermined, despite that I saved them embarrassment from presenting inaccurate work to their client or having to re-do it.

I have learned from that experience, that you need to let those types of managers make their mistakes...not say a word. When you are good at what you do, it takes the spotlight away from them, I guess. I don't think introverted bosses would react like me attitude. Most extroverted bosses are prima donnas.... I need advice on how to avoid these prima donnas. I've learned that when you work for extroverts, most of them prefer the status quo...and it is better to be talkative than to produce great work. They constantly need reaffirmation that they are well-liked --- I think they see this as proof of their worth and being a great manager. Apparently I suck at being their ideal employee. LOL.