1- teens often use drugs because they believe the drugs they are taking have a positive effect that outweighs the negative, dancing all night, getting high & watching a movie, or taking mushrooms and pondering the universe are all fun things to do and are all harmless as a one time activity. Don't make the ridiculous assumption that people only do drugs as a response to negative stimuli and expect to be taken seriously. For the most part less intelligent people turn to drugs for negative reason and more intelligent people turn to them for the experience as they believe they are smart enough to do so safely. The majority of drugs users are intelligent people, ie: steve jobs smokes weed every day, and so does every talented musician you have ever heard (;

2- "According to the 2009 National Youth Risk Survey, on any given day, more than 4,000 teens will try a drug for the first time. Approximately 3,500 will smoke a cigarette, and 7,000 will drink their first alcoholic beverage while more than 2,000 will take a prescription drug without a physician's prescription"
-according to drug users, most of them will likely enjoy it!

3- "Teens who use drugs have poorer concentration, poorer grades, truancy issues, and more behavioral problems than thier peers who don't use drugs. Drugs have a significant detrimental impact on ability to learn and retain information. With the adolescent brain still in development repeated drug use may have long term serious effects."
This is a ridiculous blanket statement and common sense observation, some drugs like arsenic will kill you some, like aspirin, will make your sore foot feel better but neither will make you dumber and cause you to skip school. When you say something stupid be sure to back it up with research or you will be called out on it

4- "For example, polls show that teens report that Marijuana use is not a big deal. This changing mind set can result in an increase in teen cannabis use in the future, not a trend we want to see emerge"
another sad sad statement. It pains me to see how well the propaganda worked on your generation. Marijuana use is not a big deal, every negative thing you have heard about pot is blown out of proportion to scare kids off, once again it is the intelligent teens who see past the propaganda who smoke weed, and enjoy it, and don't die from it. It even has beneficial qualities and has been used by countless cultures throughout the ages as a tool and a medecine. "http://www.lycaeum.org/paranoia/marijuana/facts/mj-health-mythology.html#myth12" try researching your topic before writing about it.

also most your "signs" at the end are simply normal teenage behaviour and are not caused by drug use.
sorry for tearing apart your shitty anti drug essay but drugs have been a part of our human culture forever and no brainwashed dummy is going to change that or demonize it. Instead of repeating drugs are bad to try and deter kids why not teach them to do them safely, cause if they know whats good for themselves theyre gonna be doin them anyway. BTW im 17 and stoned :) loving life and feelin great