I find it puzzling that more and more psychologists are touting the benefits of a good cry, when at the same time, the brilliant works of Dr. Arthur Janov, - author of The Primal Scream (1969) and fifteen other books on the curative effect of deep crying and connection with suppressed feelings and emotional pain - has been largely ignored by the mainstream medicine.

Primal Therapy has never been a "scream" therapy. I can testify to the fact that PT is a most gentle process, and nobody is ever forced to scream, cry or do anything in that vein. The results are astounding. I was a crazy pre-psychotic when I started Primal Therapy some years ago. I am completely cured and not on any medication at all.

Janov's latest book, Life Before Birth, discussed the trauma that a foetus can endure. It is the study of Epigenetics, a worthwhile read.