I'm not sure what is going on, but I've seen this 'don't ask for directions' syndrome in action many times. However, the manly way to deal with the issue is NOT to discuss it. FFS, man, you sound like a girl. LOL
(I like maps too and hardly ever get lost, but ... if I do, I immediately go to some likely suspect - who knows the area - and demand they tell me where I am and where I am going. Everyone always wants to help. 80% of the time, they give you inexplicable directions and you have to battle your way through the street sign jungle on your own regardless).
But never we mind -- point here is, man -- don't talk about this. It's feminine to feel vulnerable. Is this some sort of trans gender trend thing to talk about it?
man up.
(and :-) ) part of this is meant to be entertaining.

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