A friend of mine who is 4 years younger than me informed me of something I had never heard before. I was participating in the Great American Condom Campaign and was handing out free condoms on my campus. I handed him a few and he said "It's not like these things work." I asked him what he meant and he said "The AIDs virus is smaller than the fibers of condoms so the virus still gets through. So there really is no point in using them since they don't really protect you." He told me he learned this in sex ed in high school during his freshman year. This is what is going on. Teens are getting misinformation along with no one educating them about the pleasure enhancing condoms that are on the market.
I also think it would be a good investment if groups like Planned Parenthood had buses that went around to different areas every month and distributed birth control for those who aren't able to drive to their centers. This way girls could still get their hormonal contraceptives without having to stress about talking to their parents and getting to a center that isn't close to them