Hi there, I recognized myself in your dilemma. Sometimes I scare myself by being so critical of my boyfriend, (now and formerly). I go off on a litany that starts when I get in the house and doesn't end until I check myself. I feel that I am right, but it doesn't feel good. Then, I have to ask myself why I stay with someone towards whom I feel so critical. And the answer is because I'm trying to work something out with myself and my relationship with my father-- who was absent and problematic. I find that therapy has helped and learning to recognize the original anger and disappointment with my own father helps. And now I have to recognize that i have a choice. I can leave. If i can't accept his behavior and it doesn't seem like it will work, I can leave. But first I have to get ahold of my own tendencies and check myself.

It was really interesting to read your post. Good luck to you. At least you didn't get with the guy you feel critically of.