Why is it so important to let other people think we're more interesting than others? If someone thinks that I'm boring, well then. If the person doesn't even make a try to get to know me better before judging me, I don't bother. I do not want to act like I'm a different person than I really am just to make people think I'm fascinating. I do not talk that much when having a conversation with new people. I just need some time to "warm up" and feel safe. Besides, many people just talk to say something even though it's rubbish. I like to think about a topic carefully before I voice my opinion. People talk way too much nowadays and often, they talk about things they really don't understand. Maybe some people think they're really cool and self-confident, but often, it's just "empty talk".

I do know that some people think I'm boring. I read a lot and think a lot about stuff - about philosophy and psychology, for example. Maybe I'm not a very exciting person, but I also don't want to be. I just want to be myself. If other people can't accept that and call me boring, I don't want to care about that. And often, I really don't.

Besides, many conversations are a total waste of time...

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