I can relate to this. I dated a woman who had this constant desire to have attention from males. I spoke to her about it but she denied it and thought I was insecure, telling me that every guy she meets is attracted to her, she can't help it if they like her. It was a terrible experience, after 3 months of dating I broke my knee and was house bound for 3 weeks. She then tells me because I cant go out with her she is going to watch a movie with this guy she just met who had been sending her roses. I was annoyed but let it slide.

Then there were the frequent comments like "you know that XYZ guy looks at my profile everyday on linkedin". All of sudden if I could not make some social outing with her she would ask the guy to that as "friends" or she would tell me that he just texted her. She would even send pictures of text messages from guys who were Ex's, just keeping in contact.

This woman was 37, we lasted 7 months before I could not cope with it anymore. Every time we had an argument she would organise drinks with friends of ours and that would be the time she asked these guys along, now we had a lot of mutual friends that were guys that clearly were not interested and were friends, but she maintained just enough contact with them that it gave them some hope that something might happen in the future with them. She maintained they were just friends.

I know she did it because she was worried and insecure that her looks were fading as she got older and she thought it would keep me more interested, but it just backfired and pushed me away. Its sad because I really thought I had me someone I could spend the rest of my life with.

Im no expert but I think she was a narcissist. She was not the right woman for me, but i wonder if with another guy will she continue on with this behavior or if it was something about our relationship that triggered this in her. She normally dates very handsome, tall (like 6"4) European men. I am tall and above average looks but not model material, however I am successful, intelligent, educated, financially secure, fit and have a good sense of humor.

I hope she finds what she wants in life, Im intrigued as to whether her behavior will ever change. We have mutual friends so i will watch with interest fro a distance.

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