Dear Anon - There's a world of difference between an "accurate memory reflection" about someone's life, and the "dredging" up of memories. There's another universe of distinction between "remembering someone the way we knew them in life," and "obsessional thinking."

By your assessment, there would be no remembrance or even acknowledgement that they had even existed, in aid of the fallacious [and unachievable] idea of "moving on."

One of the most unhelpful cliched comments that swirls around grief is the idea that the griever should "let go and move on." Our questions are: Let go of what? Move on to where? And, how do I do that?

Letting go implies forgetting, and we are never going to forget the people who are important in our lives.

I will assume [and hope] that the "one take" you refer to is not your own, and that you are satisfied with my clarifications.