My Dad had PTSD from his childhood and from 5years in WW2. I have PTSD from my childhood and from serving as a helicopter doorgunner in Vietnam. I had many hurts.
I did not understand my Dad when growing up; the isolationism, lack of emotions, and codependence with my Mom. He did not fit anywhere, and he never understood it. I did not understand it in him or in myself. it has taken 40 years, study, and faith in God, to get an understanding of the twisting effects of the hurts that caused PTSD in my life. Non religious counsel did not provide healing because the problem has a spiritual solution. Because of this, I dont trust government non-religious attempts to help; they are missing the spiritual side, and I dont want them in my life. I serve in a ministry that helps people find healing from the hurts behind PTSD and addiction. God has given me healing and I share that with others, because it works. It has taken prayer and understanding to get through. We help each other.