Perhaps the reason is why your partner dont want to talk is because for your partner it is not a issues as much as it is for you.

Then you need to evaluate if the issue you are about is truly important.

Know yourself, are you a paranoid or depressed or anxious, perfectionist person who perhaps blow the importance out of proportion based on your own deviant tendencies which you partner dont share.

Can you solve the issue yourself, often a problem can be corrected by one person. then do it, not everything have to be a team effort.

If this issue is not going to be resolved. will it split you up? will it cause you not to survive?, will it truly endanger someone? will it cause you to suffer a loss etc. What will realistically happen if the issues is not resolved? Perhaps your partner have already figured that out and already dismissed the issue.

If it seems that it will not have a real problem then its best to let it go, dont make problems where its not needed, later you will have another problem to solve, the conflict with your partner.

If it seem to be a big problem that can have serious consequences. Work it out, and get the suitable time to approach it. Not every one is always up to dealing with issues. a person can be tired after a hard day of work, or in the middle of a favorite program, with friends or family, So pick a good time unless it is a emergency. Then start with the consequences, perhaps your partner is not aware of the consequences. If the consequences make sense to them then they would want to hear more.

Otherwise send them a email to allow them to look at it in their own suitable time and mood, to be able to articulate the real issue. Perhaps after thinking about they will speak up about it.

Be careful for forcing your needs to discuss things now, especially with anger, it triggers defenses such as fight or flight. not to talk can be a form of flight. In order to get someone to understand you they must be reassured that they have no reason to defend themselves, so use a calm approach. Often people avoid issues because they feel you do no effort to understand them and always only focus on your own side of matters and insist to be right. then what is the point of talking. Then you get the "have it your way" answer.

if still no success, then think why would your partner not worry about it, is it truly important. I'm sure if your house is on fire both would want to talk about it very quickly because it is a problem both can agree on. But if the towel in the bathroom is wet, you might have a hard time getting your partner to understand the logic of that problem, then fixing it yourself might be the quickest solution if it is that important to you. There is no rule that say your partner must conform to your habits, they have their own and you choose them and love them as partners with those habits.

Lastly you might change emphasis to the idea of why it bothers you, and not so much what bothers you. If the wet towel don't get dry in the high humidity bathroom and it end up smelling then mention that rather than the fact that the towel is wet.

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