Anonymous wrote:

Trance is a natural phenomena. It is something everyone experiences nearly every day, like getting absorbed in some situation and forgetting about all else. Trance has a very wide spectrum from just a few seconds to a comatose level where one can go thru surgery without anesthesia. So, yes, it is possible to go in and out of a trance-like state briefly without feeling that you were in an altered state of consciousness. There is also no limit to the depth one can travel to in hypnosis. Some people have a natural ability to go deeply others dont want to let go of their monitoring awareness. The idea actually is to "LET GO and RELAX" to willingly enter an altered state of awareness, to be in the "zone" to "drift" to feel "spaced out" or just to be ultra calm and relaxed beyond normal. The main point is that hypnosis is on a long continuum from wide awake to a deep sleep like state and countless levels imbetween. A good hypnotist helps his subject notice the changes and experience many more of the benefits. Everyone can enjoy the power of trance and utilize it for their own well being.