From the sounds of it, he is outright disrespecting your boundaries and disregarding your thoughts and feelings. When you tell him something is wrong, he denies it or just keeps doing similair things again. I know there's sometimes an obligation to work things out, but in this situation there is nothing to work out. You're miserable, and he isn't going to change. A relationship has you as half of the equation, and if he isn't respecting that it's not fair for you nor is it a true relationship. He isn't communicating or respecting you. You're miserable. As hard as it is, things aren't going to get any better and at this point I'd say you aren't obligated to make things work out. It sounds like it's unhealthy to begin with and just isn't worthy of working out, and it doesn't sound like he's willing to fully do so. So at this point, I'd say it would be best to end it. This is just so unhealthy and you're miserable and its just gonna get worse. Getting out of it will be hard and you may still feel guilty or sad at first, but nowhere near as bad as staying in it. I'm currently going through a very mild case - a manipulative boyfriend who won't let me go and doesnt respect my boundaries and goes back on his agreements. He's even said things like (I dont want to see you become an old cat lady who never finds love! You say you'd probably be happier that way than in a relationship you were forced in? Well I wouldn't.. I feel you don't trust me and think I'm going to abuse you, or other people have had much worse abuse than you.. I want to help you through your problems and make you progress..) Its been hard, because for one thing he disregards all of my concerns and acts like I'm the bad guy for not "giving my best effort." As hard as it was I had to realize that this wasn't love, and that even if it hurt him, he'd be okay in the long run, and I would too - and much better off than staying in it. Best wishes!

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